The Photo Collection of Dharma Body

The light had been seen by many people, it had been given by many different names. Christian believed that it is the light of Universe, The Light of God. Buddhists believe it is infinities light, the Buddha light….

Old Testament: Moses saw “the light” in the Desert. The Light spoke to Moses: “I am that I am…”

Since I was a teenager, I often saw the light. Inside the light, it produced an infinite manifestation of divine light photo. “The light” also can speak, and called out my name, it was very interesting, very kind. I did not know “the light” how can it make noises? How does it know me?

I did not have any religious concepts. Therefore, I will not compare it to the Universal Light or Infinite Light. However, I did create a special relationship with the Light as I had been interacting with it for forth years. All I can say that it is Self-Nature luminosity; the light of Self-Nature!

“Self-Nature” is immovable, The self-conscious of “Dharma Nature” flow out naturally, once the self-Nature is out of physical body, appearing to the outside of the body, it then immediately form a bright, namely the light of Dharma Nature, also called emitting the light.

Agama Satru: “Tathagata is produced and not at the same time, Dharma Nature dwells in eternity.” Dharma Nature is eternity and does not diminish, the light of Dharma Nature neither created nor diminish, it transcend life and existing in eternity.