Dharma Body Sect was incorporation on 18th November, 2010, under the Queensland Association Incorporation Act of 1981. We followed Dr Song, Chi-Li’s ideal for manifesting our own inner True-Form Dharma Body, and completion of Self-Nature/Dharma Body.

Dr Song, Chi-Li is a person who can proved and manifested  Dharma Body. Dr Song, Chi-Li also guided us on how to interact with our inner Self-Nature, and develop our inner Paradise through Six-Senses, like Kingdom of Heaven, Buddha Pure-Land, and Plato’s Ideal World, etc… 

Once your Self-Nature is resurrecting, your realities will be appeared. Dr. Sung, Chi-Li does not create any religious sects, nor does not create any religion doctrines. Dr Song, Chi-Li spent more than forty years in researching, how to Manifesting True-Form Dharma Body, Dharma Body out of Physical Body, and sharing manifested inner True-Form Dharma Body’s experienced with us.