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  1. The ability to view your own inner self (Self-Nature/Dharma Body)
  2. Fen-Shen (Self-Natural/Dharma Body) and physical body looked at each other.
  3. Fen-Shen (Self-Natural/Dharma Body) out of (physical) Body. (Out Body Experience).
  4. Ambrosia/Heavenly foods – any food manifested by one’s own Self-Nature/Dharma Body – Six Senses (Tongues Consciousness)
  5. Manifest and interact with your inner Ideally Celestial Idol (True-Form Dharma Body-Inner self).
  6. Self-Nature/Dharma Body infinite (differentiate) in all Directions.
  7. Self-Nature/Dharma Body True Realm Reality manifested into the material world.
  8. Self-Nature/Dharma Body True Realm Reality are one with the universe.
  9. Modernisation of Self-Nature/Dharma Body True Realm Reality, not limited to any specific time periods.
  10. Completion of Self-Nature/Dharma Body – Achieved Enlightenment.


The Light of Great Sun does not abandon people,
but it is the people that abandoned The Light of Great Sun.

People who embraced the Light of the Great Sun; will thrive,
people who rejected the Light of Great Sun; will diminish.

People who focus on human feelings; neither thrive nor diminish (Original-Mind/Consciousness hidden and unawakened).


Divine Crown Light

“Universal Light Body” is shapeless, formless, and nameless, it can be unpredictable and change at its own will, this lead to the name of—Divine Crown Light.

Universal Light Body” is Everlasting. It had no beginning nor ending, transcend the concept of time, distance and space…  When human being meet the Light, the spirit immediate attains enlightenment. The human spirit able to illuminated “The Light”, when received The Light, also attained to eternal life.

The “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Buddha Pure-Land” symbolise Eternal World. It is a part of spiritual world, “Universal Light Body “allowed us to enter the spiritual world, and allowed us to manifested universal true reality in front of our eyes, just like Jesus said: “The Kingdom of Heaven has come near (Matthew 3:2)”. Buddha also said the Dharma realm is at front of our eyes.

In other word, the person who received The Light, is call the “enlighten” all thing from heaven and earth can manifest in front of our own eyes. When Jesus received the “Light of God”, his spirit has been saved, leading him to ascend to heaven, and resurrected three days after his death.

Buddha also mention the “Infinity Light” (Amitabha), the “Infinity Light” welcome all human beings to enter the eternal world. “Infinity Light” and “Light of God” is the force of human beings that move us toward the Eternal World. “The Light” is the essential component for the human being to establish and entering the eternal world, if there is not the light then human being cannot enter or developed the eternal word. Therefore, Universal Light Body means eternity.


Emitting The Light From Center Eyebrows

In the photo it manifested Seven Wisdom Jewels, it never been reincarnated, and it contain seven major Wisdom Jewels:

  1. Wisdom of Light Function: Transforms things, such as mountains, seas, ice, and rocks into different state gas, liquid and solid. (Like Moses move the red sea etc…)
  2. Wisdom of Light understanding (Dharma Realm Eyes): The wisdom of observation of all directions and all life forms. From lower inorganic matters, until higher spiritual bodies, observed all matters.
  3. Wisdom of Diamond: Brave powerful wisdom that against evil. It is fearless and combative that can destroy and disrupting all life forms.
  4. Wisdom of Infinity: Enhance life. (The sources of Sarira Relic manifestation)
  5. Wisdom of Vanquishing: Vanquishing and transform all non-life forms.
  6. Wisdom of Heaven and Earth: Break void, occupy Dharma Realm, transcend time and space. In Buddhist scripture the Vimalaki’s put Mount Sumeru into mustard seed, thirty two thousands (32,000) Sphinx’s into a room.
  7. Wisdom of Liberty: “Heart-Mind” attained liberation, go to anywhere in the universe, earth, Dharma realm at ease. E.g., Vimalaki went to Buddhist kingdom of Fragment to get Fragment rice that is the powers of this wisdom.

Extract from the “Light Sutra”